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Mascot Netball Club Resources Umpiring


Steps to become an umpire:

1.      Must be a registered member of Netball NSW

2.      Purchase a Rule book from Netball NSW online store

3.      Sit the Foundation umpire exam

4.      Complete the Section 1 Theory exam

5.      Contact the umpire’s convenor and ask for a mentor/coach on local games for practise and experience

Umpires Code of Conduct

Umpiring Attire

Please note that all Mascot Umpires must wear club dress and pants with blue polo when umpiring games. During cooler months club tracksuit or rep tracksuit can be worn, but club dress must be tucked into the tracksuit. If umpiring senior teams, it is preferred that umpires wear full whites in conjunction with the rulings from the RNA Umpiring Committee. If unsure on the attire to be worn whilst umpiring, please contact a Mascot committee member for clarification.


New Umpires

All New umpires will be given a mentor throughout the first year of practice. As a result, you are expected to carry the Umpires Handbook to aid in the development of your umpiring experience. It must be with you every time you are umpiring.

Click here to access the Umpire Handbook - located in our "Forms" section